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This web site is dedicated to the discussion of basketball as played by women. We at Off-Court are dedicated to creating a cyber trade journal. We are not in the business of reporting the news. We are here to discuss, raise questions, ponder trends and provide commentary about the sport.

However we will do our best to make scores and press releases available for reading. We also provide links to news articles on the right hand side of the site. Currently we are only posting American college level articles.  We will be expanding that content in the future.

Over the next few months we will be creating a multi layer site that covers college, professional and international basketball. Our goal is to become the place for the basketball community to gather to discuss trades, strategies and analysis.

If you wish to submit a column or commentary piece for publication, please click on the Submissions button at the left of your screen for further information.

Much of our web site is open to the public. For the discerning basketball aficionado, we offer a private members' only message board for more direct discussions about the day to day issues in the world of women’s basketball.  It is private as we protect the identity of our members to allow for a more open conversation.

If you wish to apply for membership, please click on the linkto the left in Members Only, select Application and fill out the electronic form. Your application will be reviewed and you should have a response within 24 hours. This screening process is to insure that all Off-Court members are dedicated fans, coaches, players, family members, front office staff and others who are truly involved with basketball. 

Our future goals include developing an international professional section, covering all US college divisions and all FIBA teams.


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